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Diversity without Inclusion is not enough. 


Create an environment of cultural sensitivity and respect

through the power of experiential learning games.


As schools and workplaces become more international, creating a cohesive community among people of different backgrounds is crucial to a productive and harmonious environment 

Diversity Movement was launched to help shape that community. Through innovative game design, we create experiential learning activities that encourage participants to accept and appreciate different cultural behaviors and beliefs, while helping them recognize the value of a diverse team.

We're big fans of games as a form of experiential learning.

Here's why.

Why Games

It's immersive

Games are an immersive simulation where players directly experience consequences to different behaviors.

Unlike round-table discussions.

It's safe

Games create worlds in which players feel comfortable to be their true selves and make mistakes.
Unlike role-play.

It's designed

Games can be designed to teach desired learning points.

Unlike on-the-job learning where certain situations may not come to life.

It's DIY

Our games are ready-to-play, repeatable and scale-able. Instructions are available via online videos, no on-site facilitator needed.

A & A

Aliens and Astronauts: a diversity training game

We're taking the theory around Diversity & Inclusion and exemplifying it in a game.

Aliens and Astronauts re-imagines diversity in the workplace as an intergalactic adventure where our two protagonists, the Aliens and Astronauts, must accept each other's differences in order to achieve a common goal.


The Challenge

It's always challenging working with a team of different co-workers. Communication styles, habits, mannerisms and even the way they look and dress can appear foreign and intimidating. It's not easy to get pass these differences and sometimes it affects the quality of work. 

In their words...

As someone who works first-hand with different cultures and ethnicities, embracing diversity is easier said than done. I understand that the management is encouraging me to embrace diversity, but I just do not understand and relate to my co-workers . How can I possibly benefit from that?

- Nils, Manufacturing Operator 

Diversity and Inclusion is extremely important in making sure our teams perform at their best. However, the conversation must be ongoing, and learning points from any D&I training must be simple and memorable enough to live on in everyday work life. A one-off theoretical deployment isn't enough.

- Paula, Floor manager

*Pictures changed for client confidentiality

Why our game works

It teaches respect

Differences in habits and customs are just that. Different. Players learn that differences should be accepted and appreciated for what they are. It is ok to not understand them fully, but a conscious effort must be made to respect them. 

It finds value in differences

Players learn that a diverse environment opens up a wide range of perspectives and new ideas, some of which may bring solutions to difficult problems. This brings  a breath of fresh air to workplaces, creating vibrant, innovative environments.

It's a memorable format

Aliens and Astronauts shares simple learning points through a memorable playing format. This increases learning retention, and provides a useful framework for managers to refer back to long after the game is over.


Client reviews

Ines, Management, MSD 

We needed to embrace Diversity in a positive way in our organisation. The Diversity training game was instrumental in making employees understand the great value of Inclusion.

Andy, Teamlead, MSD

I loved how interactive the activity was. It really brought to life and clarified the vision of the company. I'm happy to have this shared language now to tackle future sensitive challenges. 

Kevin, Operator, MSD

It was a fun way to talk about Diversity and Inclusion. Because of the masks and the aliens, I don't think I'll ever forget about this activity!

*Pictures changed for client confidentiality

Case Studies

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Meet the team



I'm a Belgium-born Luxembourg national, formerly based in Geneva and Singapore, currently settled in Dublin with my Malaysian-Chinese partner. My passion for creating fun experiences on a variety of topics is what fuels my enthusiasm.  Next to my responsibilities at Diversity Movement, I also head the Ireland office of  



I love interacting with people and understanding what makes them tick. As a Diversity Movement facilitator, I specialise in bringing the game to life with players, motivating them and ensuring maximum enjoyment while learning. 


Game Design


Learning and Development Specialist



At Diversity Movement, I consult companies on how to integrate the learning activities into existing or new training programs at scale. I bring 11 years of experience in roles as HR People Development and Training to the table. 

A self-professed game addict, I decided to pursue my passion even further through game design. At Diversity Movement, I lead the development of game structures and strategies. 

As a 2nd generation Singaporean Indian married to a Polish, I'm a huge advocate of Diversity & Inclusion. I'm currently based in Singapore and lead the design of all Diversity Movement assets.

Thank you very much for dropping a note. We'll be get back to you very soon.

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